joint dance concert

An annual dance concert

featuring the eight major dance clubs of the school,

as well as prestigious and renowned guest performers



The Joint Dance Concert (JDC) is an annual dance concert organised by the Nanyang Technological University Cultural Activities Club (NTU CAC), featuring the eight major dance clubs of the school, as well as prestigious and renowned guest performers.

Since its inaugural concert in 2007, JDC has been providing a platform for our dancers to showcase their talents and it also offers an opportunity for all others to cultivate their appreciation for this form of art.


Dance Clubs


Established in 2006, NTU Breakers strives to build a vibrant community of bboys and bgirls for them to gather and share their passion for bboying. As a club, it is our mission to bring this beautiful dance to the rest of the school and teach budding dancers their first dance steps. We also seek to provide the best environment for everyone to grow, not only as dancers, but also as individuals.

Chinese Dance

Founded in 1994, the Chinese Dance club seeks to promote the essence and spirit of this performing art, through the creative integration of traditional and modern elements. Members go through a rigorous dance program that emphasizes both the techniques and values of Chinese dance. The club performs at both NTU and public events.


Founded in 2001, NTU CAC Contemporary Dance Club was first established as a community for modern ballet dancers within the university to develop their passion for dance. Rebranded as Contemp{minated} in 2011, the club sought a new direction and developed an artistic dare through her repertoire of performances. Often conveying themes that are widely considered pensive, Contemp{minated} aims at engaging and provoking her audiences through dance, movement and expression. Miss Anthea Seah (T.H.E Dance Company) took over the reins in 2015. Nurturing individuality and celebrating creativity are two major themes the club aspires to achieve and instil in her dancers.

Dancesport Academy

NTU DanceSport Academy (DSA) originally started out as a social dance club known as the Rock & Roll Social Dance Club in 1990, with members concentrated solely on learning rock & roll and performing within campus. Fast forward to today, under current instructor Rosario Privitera, DSA is one of the biggest CAC sub-clubs with an annual membership of close to 150 members. Aside from their well received social classes , DanceSport remain competition-focused with their intensive competition classes for members who want to take their dancing to a higher levels.

Lindy Hop

A group of Swing dance enthusiasts, along with the strong support of Jitterbugs Studio, founded the NTU Lindy Hop club in 2001. Our club pledges to be a happy bubble where members can be themselves unabashedly. At present, we are privileged to have Desmond Khoh and Jingyi Heng -both of whom are renowned and well-respected in the local and regional Lindy Hop scene – from LindyHopSG, to share with us the art of Swing dancing. Grooving to jazz music, almost as if taking a time machine back into the 1900s of old school carnivals and glamour – where the big bands would play their tunes till the early morning, Lindy Hoppers sure know the true meaning of “old is gold”.

MJ Hip Hop

MJ Hip Hop, are dedicated to being a family. They strive to unite, love and embrace everyone of their members whilst celebrating diversity and unique identities. Managed entirely by students, the club constantly aims to ignite passion to dance and balance their studies as undergraduates. They work, train and play hard all for a chance to dance harder. In pursuit for excellence in the beautiful art of dance, learning how the lessons picked up from dance can apply in their lives, they strive to be humble, disciplined, and loving enthusiasts of life. Dance has great power to nurture, inspire and change lives. And in MJ they aim to do just that, one dance at a time.

Salsa En Sync

Salsa En Sync came into existence in 2006 with Mr Gary Foo, Artistic Director from International renowned En Motion Dance School as their instructor to introduce the fun, sensual and sexy dance to the students of NTU. Ever since its humble beginnings, Salsa En Sync has received much applause in many school, commercial, national, and international level performances & competitions. In En Sync, we strive to be the premier dance club in NTU and the top Salsa team in the Tertiary scene!

Soul Funky

Soul Funky is the first tertiary funk dance club in Singapore, dedicated to spreading the love for popping & locking. Founded by Fabian Wong in 2008, Soul Funky was set up in NTU to spread the love for popping and locking. It was first created as a sub-club under the NTU Breakdance Club, and since then, Soul Funky has gone a long way to achieving its independence status in 2011.Now, Soul Funky is already a major dance club in NTU with well over 100 members, enjoying the dance together. Soul Funky is also active in the local dance scene as we actively participate and assists in organizing major dance events in Singapore.

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