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Joint Dance Concert (JDC) is an annual dance concert organised by the Nanyang Technological University Cultural Activities Club (NTU CAC), featuring the nine major dance clubs of the school, as well as prestigious and renowned guest performers.

Since its inaugural concert in 2007, JDC has been providing a platform for our dancers to showcase their talents and it also offers an opportunity for all others to cultivate their appreciation for this form of art.

Joint dance concert 2024: 

15 and 16 June 2024 7.30PM (Doors open 7PM)
Nanyang Auditorium
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore S639798

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Does love transcend boundaries🥀

Across realms of light and darkness, an unlikely love blooms between Seraphine and Nyx. Despite their opposing natures, their desire for connection throws their worlds into disarray. Can their love bridge the seemingly insurmountable divide, or will fate force them apart?

Join us at Joint Dance Concert 2024: NTU Cultural Activities Club's annual dance concert, featuring our 9 major dance clubs, with collaboration items & NTU K-Pop Dance Programme as our guest performer.

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