Dance Clubs


Established in 2006, NTU Breakers strives to build a vibrant community of B-boys and B-girls to gather and share their passion for Breaking.

It is their mission to bring this beautiful dance to the rest of the school and teach budding dancers their first dance steps. They also seek to provide the best environment for everyone to grow, not only as dancers, but also as individuals.

 Chinese Dance

Founded in 1994, the Chinese Dance club seeks to promote the essence and spirit of this performing arm, through the creative integration or traditional and modern elements.

The dancers go through rigorous trainings that emphasises the physical technique, emotional expressions and values of the Chinese culture.


Contemp{minated} is the official contemporary dance club of NTU. Since 2001, NTU CAC Contemporary Dance Club has grown and diversified with dancers of various backgrounds seeking the liberation of dance expression.

Often conveying themes that are widely considered pensive, Contemp{minated} aims at engaging and provoking her audiences through dance, movement and expression. Nurturing individuality and celebrating creativity are two major themes that the club aspires to achieve and hopes to instill in her dancers.

 Dancesport Academy

NTU DanceSport Academy (DSA) originally started out as a social dance club known as the Rock & Roll Social Dance club in 1990. DanceSport, a form of partner dance, is extremely popular in places such as the USA and Eastern Europe.

Today, dancers are exposed to competitive ballroom dances such as cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, waltz and tango.

 Indian Dance

Indian Dance recently started in 2019 and has progressed rapidly over the past few years. They provide a platform to holistically develop budding and experienced dancers from the NTU student community in various Indian dance forms

Indian Dance strive to develop versatile dancers by focusing on different dance styles such as Indian Folk, Bollywood, and Indian Classical, to name a few.

 Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is a Swing partner dance originating from Harlem, New York City, during the "Roaring 1920s". It is the perfect combination between the rhythmic African tribal movements and the structured European ballroom dances. With its dynamic airsteps and energetic footworks, Lindy Hop, is a joyful and happy dance, where you won't be having any down moments.

The dance is quickly gaining popularity in Asia, so be sure not to miss them at JDC, to join in on the fun firsthand!


NTU MJ is one of few pioneer dance societies in Singapore. The club's name originated from its previous direction in Modern Jazz, but over the years, the club has come to adopt Hip Hop as its primary genre of dance.

Dedicated in being a family, they strive to work, train and play hard all for a chance to dance harder. They believe strongly that dance has a great power to nurture, inspire and change lives, and they do just that, one dance at a time.

 Salsa En Sync

NTU’s Salsa En Sync was formed in 2006 by Mr Gary Foo, the Artistic Director of En Motion Dance School. He introduced the fun, sensual and sexy dance that is Salsa to the NTU community.

Salsa En Sync offers a platform for aspiring dancers to receive training in Salsa and numerous other Street Latin genres like Brazilian Samba, Afro-Contemporary, Bachata, Reggaeton, Street Cha Cha & Zouk.

 soul funky

(Pop & Lock)


Founded in 2008, Soul Funky is the first tertiary funk dance club in Singapore, dedicated to spreading the love for popping and locking. Moving into their 14th year, Soul Funky has grown from a 5-member club to over 100 members, pursuing through freestyle or choreography.

Their mission is to nurture the next generation of dancers and contribute towards building the funk culture in Singapore.