Main Committee

Top 5

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, these are the people who have been planning and coordinating all the details needed for the show to go on. JDC would not have been possible without their hard work and support! 🕹️

Chairperson: Andy Tan
Vice-Chairperson (Planning): Alicia The
Vice-Chairperson (Support): Ryan Loh
Secretary: Crystal Goh
Treasurer: Juan Wei Lin


Presenting to you the Ex-Officios! With their experience, they have provided valuable input and advice which have been crucial in ensuring the success of JDC 2020 🎯

Vice-President (Events): Alice Chua
Vice-President (Member Clubs): Angeline Yeow

Business Managers

Proudly presenting the Business Managers! They have worked hard to secure sponsorship opportunities and source for various door gifts and giveaway prizes. 📧 Look forward to getting your hands on their exclusive goodie bags on show day! 😋

Chief Business Manager: Tan Whee Ling
Business Managers: Juan Wei Lin, Jackie Phang, Koh Zhi Kai, Morgan Tan, Megan Huang


Proudly presenting the Programmers! They are responsible for liaising with the 8 dance clubs of CAC and have meticulously planned the concert flow, right from its conceptualisation to its execution. Be enthralled by the mystery they have created on the show day! 🎮
Chief Programmers: Celine Yeow
Programmers: Crystal Goh, Tan Min Hui, Keith Ang, Seow Lingzhe, Lim Jun Kiat 

Publicity & Publications

Proudly presenting the Publicity & Publication arm of JDC! On top of using their creative prowess to produce stylistic visuals, the team has also designed a concerted campaign strategy across the different mediums for JDC. Catch their stunning visuals on show day! 📺 .

Chief Publicity & Publication Officer: Evan Tan
Publicity & Publication Officers: Elizabeth Ng, Gloria Tang, Liu Mojia, Yu Hui Xin

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